Carrot cake

This week I finally decided to make something i have been wanting to make for a long time.  Carrot cake is one of my favorite cakes out there and I have been wanting to try to make it from scratch.  But something about it seemed like it would be very difficult to make.  Wow was I wrong!!! This recipe I found from the Girl Who Ate Everything, is so easy.  Other than the peeling and grating of the carrots it was extremely quick and easy to make.  The recipe does suggest using whole wheat flour to give it a nutty flavor,  but I just stuck with the simple all-purpose flour.  Plus it is the perfect start to great Easter weekend.  I mean really what says easter more than a carrot cake.

About sugarcravingbaker

I'm new to baking just last year. I got interested by watching cake boss and cupcake wars. But what really got me interested was looking at different baking blogs, so i wanted to make this blog to get more people interested as well.
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3 Responses to Carrot cake

  1. Your picture looks heavenly 😀
    What a delicious cake!

    Happy Easter!
    Choc Chip Uru

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  3. Sally says:

    yum! i love carrot cake 🙂

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