Graham Cracker Topped Brownies

More Smores!!!! You know I may have an obsession! So this weekend I went to three bonfires so you could say that I have had my fair share of smores in the past few days. To some that may make them want to have something different than just more smores, but for me it made me just want more. So I decided to try a smores type of brownie.

A brownie base, with a layer of toasted marshmallow and then finished with a chocolate and peanut butter graham cracker topping!! Yay that’s right I said peanut butter in their. That’s one thing I didn’t have in the all of the other smores I had this weekend! I was a little skeptical about adding that but the peanut butter really made the brownies.

When I went to spread the topping over the marshmallows I found that the only way to do this was to mix together the marshmallow layer with the topping. I don’t think that it was what I was supposed to do, but for me it worked and was still very tasty (although it did turn it an odd color).

These brownies were delicious. The first night I tried them they hadn’t been chilled yet(I’m impatient) so it was a gooey mess, but that didn’t stop it from being delicious! I do have to admit though that they are much better after being chilled in the refrigerator! These brownies are great!

Click here for the recipe from Blue Eyed Bakers


About sugarcravingbaker

I'm new to baking just last year. I got interested by watching cake boss and cupcake wars. But what really got me interested was looking at different baking blogs, so i wanted to make this blog to get more people interested as well.
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2 Responses to Graham Cracker Topped Brownies

  1. Your obsession is catching 😉

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Jill says:

    Awesome Recipe 🙂
    These are great… here is another recipe you might like to try.
    Thanks for sharing,

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