About Sugar Craving Baker

I love baking.  Being a high school senior with ap and honors classes, and trying to decide what college to go to, baking helps to give me some kind of escape.  It relaxes me, plus I get to eat it afterwards, which is always a plus :).   Watching shows like Cupcake Wars and Cake Boss, really made me want to start and try baking on my own.  It  even convinced me to try and take a cake decorating class (I wasn’t very good a this).

Being new to baking, my finished products are far from perfect and sometimes turn out very ugly.  But one of the greatest things for me is getting an almost perfect finished product that tastes exactly as good as it looks!!  All of the recipes that I will share on this blog have been tested by me to make sure that they are as good as they look.  I will take pictures of my finished products, to show you how truly delicious these recipes are (please excuse my bad photography skills).  I hope you enjoy my baking adventures!


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